Securely store and access your CCTV footage with our reliable cloud storage solution, ensuring peace of mind and convenience.

  • Hassle-free storage management
  • Access footage from anywhere
  • Ensure data security

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Tentovision stands at the forefront of innovation with our cutting-edge Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) solution

Automated Backup

Our automated backup feature takes the worry out of data management by scheduling regular backups of your CCTV footage to the cloud. This ensures data redundancy and minimizes the risk of data loss due to hardware failure or unforeseen circumstances.

  • Automatically schedule regular backups to ensure continuous data protection
  • Seamlessly recover footage in case of hardware failure or loss
  • Customize backup settings such as frequency and retention period.

Remote Access

Enjoy the flexibility of accessing your CCTV footage securely from anywhere using our cloud storage solution. Whether you're on-site or miles away, you can easily monitor and playback footage in real-time on any device with internet connectivity.

  • Access footage securely from any location using a web browser or mobile app.
  • Enable multiple users to access footage simultaneously
  • Retrieve specific footage segments on-demand for swift incident investigation.

Advanced Security

Your CCTV footage is protected against unauthorized access, tampering, or interception, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality at all times.

  • Implement advanced encryption and access controls to safeguard footage.
  • Regularly audit access logs and monitor for suspicious activities to detect and mitigate security threats proactively.
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing security infrastructure to further enhance data protection.

Scalable Storage Plans

Our scalable storage options allow you to adjust storage capacity as your CCTV system grows, without the need for additional hardware investments.

  • Select from flexible storage plans to meet varying storage needs and budget constraints.
  • Scale storage capacity up or down seamlessly as your surveillance requirements evolve.
  • Optimize cost-efficiency by paying only for the storage capacity you use.


Tentovision offers tailored features for enhanced security, efficiency, and user experience across various industries.



Securely store and access footage for loss prevention and incident investigation, ensuring the safety of customers and staff.

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Backup construction site footage for compliance and documentation purposes, accessing it remotely for project monitoring and review.

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Safeguard campus surveillance footage for security and incident management, accessing it from any location for investigation and resolution.

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Smart city

Store and access CCTV footage for public safety and law enforcement purposes, ensuring data integrity and privacy compliance.

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Securely store inventory surveillance footage for inventory management and theft prevention, accessing it remotely for analysis and review.

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Backup hotel and resort surveillance footage for guest safety and incident management, accessing it remotely for security monitoring and investigation.

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Smart Buildings

Store and access building surveillance footage for facility management and security purposes, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and data protection laws.

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Backup production facility surveillance footage for quality control and safety monitoring, accessing it remotely for process optimization and incident investigation.

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Medical & elderly facilities

Securely store healthcare facility surveillance footage for patient safety and regulatory compliance, accessing it remotely for audit and review purposes.

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